Oracle India (Server Technology)

Oracle India (Server Technology)

Member of Technical Staff - 1

Total Rounds: 4


The online Assessment was conducted on their own platform Oracle Proaptitude. It was of 107 minutes and consisted of only MCQs. There was a total of 5 sections and 3 of them were Aptitude, Communication, and English. The other 2 consisted of Debugging, Core CS concepts, AVL Trees, Red-Black Trees, Heaps, and OOP concepts.

Round 1

The interview started with an introduction. The interviewer then moved on to my resume and asked me about the projects that I was involved with. He seemed really interested in the GSoC project that I was working on and asked me to explain the concepts very briefly. He seemed very satisfied with my answers. At last, he went ahead with this problem.

(Easy) Remove Duplicates from Sorted List

Round 2

Without any introduction, he went ahead to ask me about the language that I was most comfortable with. I replied to him with C++. He asked me about Pointers and Pointer Arithmetic which I managed to solve pretty quickly. Asked me about the difference between Call By Value and Call by Reference and also asked me about which one would I prefer more and why - Pointer Variable or Reference Variable.

He moved on to ask me this simple LC question:

(Easy) Squares of a Sorted Array

Round 3

It was a coding-cum-HR round. The interviewer asked me about my favorite CS subject where I replied to him with Operating Systems and Computer Networks. He told me his experience with OS and asked some basic OS questions.

He told me to solve this LC question variation:

(Medium) Subarray Sum Equals K where K = 0

At last, he asked me:

Q1. Who is your biggest inspiration and why?
Q2. Why Oracle?
Q3. Where do you see yourself in the coming years?